Outbreak API


This site is a collection of APIs developed from the Su / Wu Labs at Scripps Research on COVID-19-related data and resources. These APIs provide all the data at outbreak.info, which is a resource to collect, share, and integrate COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 data critical to scientific research.


These APIs were built using BioThings SDK and follow the same design pattern of our official BioThings APIs (MyGene.info, MyVariant.info, MyChem.info, etc). These APIs are also pending to be integrated into the proper official BioThings API based on their entity type.


Since these APIs follow the same design pattern as our BioThings APIs, you may refer to the following MyChem.info API documentation as a guide on how to use these APIs. Additionally, you may try the live APIs on the Try It pages below.

Outbreak APIs

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